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About Kinmon Gakuen

Kinmon Gakuen is a Japanese language school that teaches the language, culture, and traditions of Japan.

Language Classes   生徒募集中

Kinmon Gakuen offers Japanese language classes for children from 5 to 18 years old. Contact us for a free trial lesson.

Cultural Classes

We offer Karate classes provided by members of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our admissions process, academic/event calendar, etc.

What’s New!

OPEN ENROLLMENT✏️ Fall 2023-Spring 2024
Ages 5-18 Saturday Classes
Please fill out the registration form and send us by E-mail.
Registration Fee $50 Fall Tuition: $415 Spring Tuition $415
Please fill in the registration form and send it by e-mail.
We accept payment by check only. Please write the student’s name on the check and send by mail to the following address.
Kinmon Gakuen
2031 Bush St, San Francisco CA 94115
ご入学、オープンハウスのお問い合わせは、Eメール までお願いします。
入学お申し込み こちらから申込用紙をダウンロードしてください
申込用紙にご記入の上、E -mailでお送りください。
Kinmon Gakuen
2031 Bush St, San Francisco CA 94115


先日、当地サンフランシスコで行われたAPEC の行事に、金門学園の生徒全員が参加しました。とってもたのしい体験でした。日本町を舞台にした日本文化の紹介のために、生徒全員で、折り紙で、来園者へのお土産を作りました。とてもかわいらしい鶴がたくさん並びました。来園されたお客様には、各教室での授業参観をして頂きました。そして、いっしょに、夕焼け小焼けを歌い、正岡子規の、柿食へば、金が鳴るなり法隆寺 この俳句を覚えていただきました。参加者のひとりの方は、南カリフォルニアからお出かけいただいた金門学園の古い卒業生でした。こんなに楽しい行事なら、毎月あってもいいな。金門学園 冨永明彦園長

We participated in APEC. The other day, all the students from Kinmon Gakuen participated in the APEC event held in San Francisco. It was a very enjoyable experience. To introduce Japanese culture in Japantown, all the students made origami souvenirs for the visitors. Lots of cute cranes were lined up. The visitors were invited to observe classes in each classroom. Together, we sang ‘Yuuyake Koyake’ and learned the haiku by Masaoka Shiki, ‘Kaki kueba, kane ga naru nari Houryuuji.’ One of the participants was an alumni of Kinmon Gakuen who came all the way from Southern California. If events like this are so enjoyable, it would be nice to have them every month. Kinmon Gakuen – Principal Akihiko Tominaga

#KinmonGakuenAPECExperience #OrigamiSouvenirs #APECinSanFrancisco #KinmonGakuenAlumni #languageschool #nihongo



⏰ 11AM – 12PM
🏫 Kinmon Gakuen – The Art of Haiku & History of Kinmon Gakuen
Come and explore one of the oldest Japanese language schools in the United States. Step into our classrooms, delve into its rich history in Japantown with Principal Rev. Akihiko Tominaga, and participate in a Haiku (Japanese short poetry) class.
Kinmon Gakuen (Golden Gate Institute)
2031 Bush Street, S.F., CA 94115
Please check more information here!


金門学園 2023年秋祭り

金門学園では、2023年の秋祭りが開催されました。保護者の皆様のご観覧の中、生徒たちは日本の歌「村祭り」を合唱し、俳句を発表し、手作りのうちわを披露し、その才能を見せました。その後、富山直博先生率いる円心空手の皆様による迫力ある演舞が行われました。ボランティアの保護者の皆様が手がけたベイクセールも大盛況で、イベントは本当に楽しいものとなりました。🍂🎉 #金門学園 #秋祭り

Kanmon Gakuen Autumn Festival 2023

Kanmon Gakuen recently held its Autumn Festival. With parents watching, students performed the Japanese song “Muramatsuri,” presented haikus, and showcased beautifully crafted hand fans, demonstrating their remarkable talents. Following this, an exhilarating martial arts performance by the members of Enshin Karate, led by Sensei Naohiro Tomiyama, left everyone in awe. The volunteer parents also organized a successful bake sale, making the event a truly enjoyable experience. 🍂🎉 #KanmonGakuen #AutumnFestival

Photo on Facebook


始業式 2023年秋学期

さて、先の始業式において、サンフランシスコ在住の、小川早苗さんより、勝田幸男製作のセリグラフ版画、向日葵が寄贈されました。この花言葉は、君たちはすばらしい。この花言葉に相応しく成長する、金門学園でありたい。富永明彦 金門学園 園長

Kinmon Gakuen Year-end Ceremony

→ Photo

The 2022-2023 school year at Kinmon Gakuen, located in the center of Japanese culture in San Francisco, began with the opening ceremony last August 13. On February 11 and March 11 of this year, the school held calligraphy workshops; the school exhibited the students’ calligraphy works for two weeks at the 56th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival held in April by the Calligraphy Club. Finally, on May 20, the year-end ceremony was held. After being forced to organize online classes until last year due to the new coronavirus infection, Kinmon Gakuen resumed face-to-face classrooms for the first time in almost two and a half years, marking a new page in its history.

Consul General Yasushi Noguchi from the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco was the guest of honor at the year-end ceremony. In his congratulatory address, Consul General Noguchi praised the students for their efforts in learning Japanese, encouraged them to continue to build bridges between Japan and the United States in the future, and expressed his gratitude to the school for more than a century of Japanese language education.

Consul General Noguchi not only greeted students but also presented certificates to the winners of the Excellence, Effort, and Diligence awards. After the presentation of certificates to all students, the class performance followed. The Beginning 1 class started with “Let’s learn Japanese” with song and dance, followed by the presentation of “Minna no e (Everyone’s Drawing)” by the Beginning2 class, in which students introduced their drawings. In the Intermediate class, each student talked about what kind of job they would like to have when they become adults under the title “Future Dreams.” The semi-advanced class presented how they understood “Japanese Schools and Events” through the characters in their textbooks. The advanced class students created a “Japanese School vs. American School” cultural comparison video. Although the presentations were varied, it was clear that the level of Japanese language proficiency was improving as the students progressed from beginner to advanced level.

Kinmon Gakuen had five assistant volunteers this year for the fall and spring semesters, all of whom have already returned to Japan or moved to another country, and they left their words on the video. All participants, including students and parents, listened to the video messages in Japanese.

Kinmon Gakuen will be on summer vacation for a while from now on. The opening ceremony for the next school year will be on August 19. Why don’t you come and study the Japanese language and culture with us in the center of Japanese culture in San Francisco? The year-end ceremony was held in the social room on the 3rd floor, which is also available as a rental space for lectures, classes, and meetings. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


→ Photo



学園長からは、生徒全員に修了証授与があり、その後は、クラスパーフォーマンスに移りました。初級1の歌と踊りを交えた「覚えよう日本語」から始まり、初級2は、生徒が描いた絵画作品を紹介する「みんなの絵」という発表でした。中級クラスは、「未来の夢」と題して将来、どんな職業に就きたいかを、生徒たちがそれぞれお話ししました。準上級クラスは、教科書の登場人物を通して「日本の学校と行事」をどのように理解したのかという発表をしました。上級クラスでは、生徒たちが自ら「日本の学校  vs アメリカの学校」という文化比較ビデオを作成しました。さまざまな発表でしたが、初級から上級にレベルに伴い、明らかに日本語習熟レベルが上がっていることが実感できました。



Kinmon Gakuen participates in the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival!

Shoyukai Calligraphy will present Kinmon Gakuen students’ works during the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. Also, Enshin Karate will show their karate performances on April 16.

  • 4/8-9/2023 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Shoyukai Calligraphy East Mall 2F, 505, Takara 👉PHOTO on Facebook
  • 4/15-16/2023 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Shoyukai Calligraphy East Mall 1F, by Union Bank
  • 4/16/2023 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. Enshin Karate Peace Plaza Stage


  • 4/8~9/2023 11:00 ~17:00 書友会 イーストモール2F 宝505号室
  • 4/15~16/2023 11:00~17:00 書友会 イーストモール1F ユニオンバンク側
  • 4/16/2023 12:00 ~12:30 円心空手平和広場ステージ

Calligraphy Class → Photo

Kinmon Gakuen in San Francisco Japantown provides opportunities for children who are interested in Japanese language and culture to learn. On February 11 (Sat), the first calligraphy class was held with Shoyukai chairman Karahashi-sensei and vice-chairman Tachibana-sensei as instructors. Kinmon Gakuen holds a calligraphy class at the beginning of each year, but this calligraphy class was the first full-fledged new attempt since the corona disaster. Under the kind and careful guidance of the instructor, starting with how to hold the brush, the students’ eyes shine brightly as they tackle the assignments of “plum,” “flower,” “light,” and “wind,” according to their level of Japanese learning. The students took it seriously. The calligraphy class will be held for the second time on March 11th. The students’ work from the calligraphy class will be exhibited during the Cherry Blossom Festival in April in Japantown.


金門学園では、毎週土曜日朝3時間(9:15 – 12:00)の対面指導を全面再開しています。

  1. サンフランシスコ日本町にございます。朝、お子様を学園にお連れになり、午前中、日本町周辺でお過ごしいただけます。学校終了後は、お子様とご一緒に日本町を散策しながら日本文化の一端を目から学習する貴重な機会をお楽しみいただけます。
  2. お子様の年齢、また日本語習得のレベルに合わせて初級から中級、そして上級まで、随時ご入学いただけます。一回の体験授業もお試しいただけます。
  3. 毎土曜日朝3時間(9:00 – 12:00)完全予約制でオープンハウスを開催し、保護者の皆様に本学園の教育を丁寧にご説明させていただきます。オープンハウスだけでなく、授業参観可となっていますので、ご安心いただけます。

ご入学、体験授業、オープンハウスのお問い合わせは、どちらもEメール までお願いします。ぜひご検討ください。1911年創立の伝統ある学校で、お子様が日本語を学び、日本文化を理解するための基礎を作りましょう。

お問い合わせはEメール までお願いします。

Join us for an OPEN HOUSE: Saturday from

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. by appointment!

Let’s build a strong foundation for learning the Japanese language and understanding the culture of Japan. Visit our Kinmon Gakuen campus and meet our dedicated teachers and staff. With the easing of Covid health orders, Kinmon Gakuen continues face-to-face instructions. The school starts an in-person spring session on Saturday, January 14, and continues to accept enrollment. Learn how Kinmon Gakuen’s curriculum is intentionally designed to foster Japanese reading, writing, and speaking skills.

There is no set schedule for you to follow. Presentations and tours (walking through the school and providing basic information about it) are available every Saturday morning. So you can customize your day to your needs!

By appointment only! Pre-register today for Open House. Contact us by email at


Thank you Kinmon Gakuen!

Both our son (8) and daughter (5) have been enrolled in Kinmon Gakuen for several years.
Our kids have tri-lingual background (English/French/Japanese), and we see a perfect fit to the curriculum Kinmon Gakuen offers.
Kids are excited to participate in many Japanese cultural and seasonal activities that the school offers… from Mochi-tsuki (rice cake pounding) & New Year resolution using brush (Kaki-zome) in Jan, Girls day (Hina-matsuri) in March, Children’s day (Kodomono-hi) in May, Tea ceremony (Ocha-kai), and they also share the same building for after school program activities such as Karate class (Japanese martial arts).

Teachers and staff are very friendly and provide a sense of community based in Japan Town.

We highly recommend Kinmon Gakuen!

S. E

My son is high school student, and started studying at Kinmon 3 years ago. He is fast learner and I know it is also owe to the school, teachers and quality lessons. The high school takes the hours of study at Kinmon as a credit of forgin language. After graduating from high school, we are thinking him to transfer to the adult lesson at Kinmon.


When my son showed his interests learning Japanese, I took him to Kinmon to have a trial lesson. Since then, he has been enjoying going to Kinmon every Saturday. Caring staff, excellent teachers, and lots of fun cultural activities. Class room and parents’ lounge have been upgraded. Very friendly atmosphere. I hope, when my son grows up, he will take me around Japan using Japanese language that he learns at Kinmon.