Kinmon Gakuen in San Francisco Received 2011 Foreign Minister’s Commendationmore detail

Kinmon Gakuen is the first Japanese language school registered in the Heritage Program offered by California Education Board
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My daughter has attended Kinmon Gakuen from second grade through her current second year in high school. She goes willingly every week because the classes are always fun, with lots of student interaction and games (like character flash card slapping). In the intermediate and upper classes, the kids write and perform skits.

My daughter knows about 400 characters. I think she could be fluent in Japanese after a few months in Japan. As a high school junior, she will take Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which will be an adjunct to her college applications.

Wynne Hayakawa

Kinmon Gakuen has played a very significant and important role in my daughter’s life. Attending this language school has already influenced Veronica in a positive direction, and given her tools to carry with her for life. Thanks to this experience, she has a strong respect for her own heritage and carries a clear sense of self among today’s multi-faceted international youth. From the first day when, at 5 years old, she walked into the beginning class, to present day at 17, she has not only been taught the language, but has also been immersed in much of the Japanese culture. Their activities, including participation in the green tea ceremony, speech contest, the Cherry Blossom Parade and New Year’s rice pounding have made the learning process more meaningful and relevant. Now, with one more year of high school coming up, she is insisting on completing her last year here as well. We express our thanks to Kinmon Gakuen, which has served as an essential contributor in my husband’s and my wish to instill in Veronica an irreplaceable appreciation of and relationship with her Japanese background and tradition.

Patricia Mayeda

Although we are a bilingual household, Japanese is not used as frequently at home as I would like. However, Kinmon Gakuen has been instrumental in increasing my daughter’s comprehension and command of this complex language. By incorporating the cultural element in the lessons, her teachers excel at keeping all the students interested in learning.


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